Aged Care physiotherapy is the fastest growing industry in the private physiotherapy market. It offers thousands of jobs for physiotherapists around Australia inside aged care facilities (nursing homes). The most common kind of aged care physio is known as ‘Pain Management Program‘. It’s founded on the premise that aged care residents with chronic pain may get physiotherapy interventions 4 times per week to help lower their consumption of pain medications. It most commonly involves massage or tens (but may also involve laser treatment, ultrasound or dry needling).

It Doesn’t include exercise intervention

Interventions must be performed 4 times per week on the area of pain

It’s based on ACFI (Aged Care Funding Instrument), and so the physiotherapist has an important role in getting increased funding for taxpayers, specifically to put residents on the ‘Pain Management Program’

Increased funding can be gained for resident based on a physiotherapist’s assessment, e.g. a resident requires x2 assist (instead of x1 assist) can result in more funds

If the resident isn’t treated consistently 4 days weekly, then they will get rid of funding for the program and no more be viewed.

A smaller component entails ‘problem based physiotherapy‘ like a drop testimonials, freedom evaluation, equipment prescription, exercise prescription or overall biannual physiotherapy review evaluation are also needed.