Advantages/disadvantages of leasing a printer

If you’re a start up company it might be better that you lease an office printer to get cash flow positive quicker. That way you have a set amount to pay each week or month without a large initial cost. This will free up your financing to be distributed into different areas of the business however you’ll be paying more in the future for the item.

Do not get caught in a leasing contract that will tie you into unnecessary support contracts and purchase of consumables through the leasing company (generally 2-3 years) at which stage your printer will be obsolete.

Service contracts are unnecessary as most modern printers, seldom if ever require service. The manual that comes with your printer will offer you a troubleshooting guide, and only at a last resort if you consider a tech.

Consumables are better buying independently where you’ve got a choice of cost through high street shop or on line company. Either way the cost will be more competitive – Do not agree to a pay per page contract.

If you are a business that requires a printer with the hottest in printing technologies leasing might be a good solution as frequently leasing companies allow you to upgrade the item you are leasing without renegotiating the lease payment. This would be especially useful for business’s who should keep current with picture printing and graphics printing technology. Do keep in mind though at the end of the lease you will not own the item and you will need to rent another one.

If leasing is a more feasible option for your company the most important thing to remember is to really understand your contract. Know how long you want to get locked into a lease agreement and how the payment will be made. Double check any service fees or add on costs that may incur.

If your company has peaks and troughs throughout the year leasing might be a good option for you. That way you could rent a printer for the portion of the year that you need it.The only disadvantage to this would be having to organise the lease agreement and having the unit installed and uninstalled as required.

When buying or leasing, your printer should meet all of the needs of your small business and have an integrated duplexer combined with an efficient system that optimises the usage of printer cartridges. That way you are getting the most from your printer without using unnecessary quantities of ink and paper in the procedure.

Every business’s requirements are different, but I hope what we have outlined above about the most important advantages and disadvantages when deciding on buying or leasing a printer have helped you make a valuable choice for your business.